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We pride ourselves on the production of high-quality planting stock, knowing full well that this is essential to the viability of our customers' businesses. All seedlings are graded during the plant's growth cycle - root, height, health and nutrition; these are tailored to specific customer product specifications.


Our forestry scientists implement modern technologies, ensuring that the best genetic material is planted, correctly matched to the site, and the growing stock is managed following the most appropriate silvicultural practices.


Some of our tree improvement services include:

  • -volume growth;
  • -Improved stem form and branch characteristics; and
  • -Increased tolerance to disease and enhanced wood properties.
  • -Stress-tolerant, disease-resistant


The following tree seeds and seedlings are available:


Forest trees:

  1. Eucalyptus spp
  2. Gmelina arborea
  3. African Rosewood
  4. Acacia Species
  5. Terminalia spp
  6. Khaya spp
  7. Mahogany
  8. Pine


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