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What we Offer


We offer different investment options:

1. Protect and grow your money growing trees on your land or ours

Growing trees has never made more sense than it does today; rising inflation, a looming crash of the stock market and the uncontrolled printing of paper money, are all reasons to grow trees. 

Trees are considered a hard asset, historically outperforming inflation, providing a stable long-term investment alternative to the cyclical nature of retail investments such as real estate and the stock market. 

Depending on market conditions, tree investment can double or triple in less than a decade. 

Growing trees on your land or ours, enhancing the value of a farm woodlot, increasing the value of small land holdings, tropical tree timber partnership, investing in a carbon credit program, investing in a tree project to combat climate change, growing a legacy forest, investing in a conservatory to protect endangered trees in Africa and around the world or building a tree nursery business. We can help you navigate between them to choose the suitable investment for you.


Invest with us and earn a return growing tree

  • for reforestation;
  • to combat climate change;
  • to generate and trade carbon credits;
  • to grow biomass;
  • to renew habitat and rebuild ecosystems, or;
  • create a legacy forest for future generations.


2. Partner with us

Partner with us in a land management project to repurpose agricultural lands into appreciating tree assets. 


You provide the land, and we’ll plant trees - For Free!


To qualify, your land must be 100 acres or more, free of rocks and fallow. We supply all the trees and plant them on your land, ensuring management in your care. The program aims to grow crop circle tracts of trees to collect carbon from the atmosphere and preserve native tree species that may be endangered or threatened. Tree types will be selected according to your location, soil composition and climate. 


3. Hire us as a Consultant

  • To establish a forest or orchard plantation
  • To calculate the value of trees growing on your property;
  • To find a buyer for your trees;
  • To discover if you qualify for a carbon credit program;
  • To learn how to generate an income from your woodlot;
  • To create a detailed plan to grow your own tree plantation.


4. Hire us to build a turnkey crop circle tree plantation

Our team will travel to your location anywhere in Nigeria and layout the Crop Circle Tree Plantation; You can plant the trees yourself or hire us to do the planting for you.


5. Earn money without ever cutting down a tree

Waiting decades for a tree plantation to mature would build considerable wealth. However, only institutional investors are willing to wait that long for a return. For smaller investors, we have created a program that leverages land and trees together to earn a return without ever cutting down a tree. The program gives investors a quicker ROI (as little as four years instead of 10 or more). 


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