Humanity's activities on the environment in his quest for development have resulted in severe and continuous degradation of the ecosystem, thus posing a threat to his present and future living. The present scenario necessitates an alternative programme of meeting the wood needs of the country, mainly through plantation forestry and afforestation programmes.


Currently, deforestation constitutes one of the global development challenges. Specifically, it is the world's most severe long-term environmental problem, and Nigeria is no exception. 


The high level of poverty and illiteracy in Africa is directly linked to the current status of environmental pollution and degradation in the continent. The poor and the illiterate are often more interested in issues related to their daily survival than ecological management; this lack of interest and awareness often leads to more reckless environmental behavior, breeds more ecological problems and leads to a vicious cycle of poverty. Nigeria has more than 2 million ha of idle fertile land, desertification is ravaging in the north, and flood and erosion problems in the south; these are signs of climate change.


What can we do to save our planet? Lift people out of poverty, and improve their economic growth?

Aerobic recognizes the global importance of sustainable development; we must connect the lines between climate change, water scarcity, and food security. To achieve this, we initiated a program called "Tree, the solution". The idea is to provide 1 million tree seedlings which will be planted and fostered by the communities and schools, especially in an area with flood, erosion and desertification. In this context, seedlings of fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, and forage seedlings which are our company products, will be highly discounted or, in most cases, given out freely to encourage rural communities, especially women, to take into tree planting. "The more tree you plant, the less you pay for fruit and vegetable seedlings", "The more tree you plant, the more free farming equipment you get". The aims are to produce more foods while growing the economy and mitigating the effect of climate change. 


You provide the land, and we'll plant trees - For Free!


To qualify, your land must be 100 acres, free of rocks and fallow. We supply all the trees and plant them on your land, ensuring management in your care. The program aims to grow crop circle tracts of trees to collect carbon from the atmosphere and preserve native tree species that may be endangered or threatened. Tree types will be selected according to your location, soil composition and climate.